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Activities on Lake Kivu

Activities on Lake Kivu

Activities on Lake Kivu, Nestled in Western Rwanda, Lake Kivu is the largest Lake and a popular tourist destination in Rwanda. It features Top-notch African tourist attractions and activities. Spanning across Rwanda’s border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, this lake is one of the African Great Lakes and it lies in the Albertine rift, the Western arm of the Great East African Rift Valley.

About Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu covers a total surface area of 2,700sqkm about 1,040 square miles, this makes it the 8th largest Lake in Africa. However, about 58% of the lake’s waters lies within the Democratic Republic of Congo. Lake Kivu further sits at a height of 1,460m (4,790 ft.) above the sea level. Its Lake bed lies on a rift valley that is slowly cracking as a result of volcanic activity within the area.

This movement causes stress within the Earth’s crust hence triggering volcanic activity and creating hot springs below Kivu which feeds hot water, carbon dioxide and also methane into the Lake’s bottom layers. Micro-organisms use some of the Carbon dioxide, as well as Organic matter sinking from above, to create energy, this then produces additional methane as a by-product.

Lake Kivu  estimated to have the highest levels of methane trapped in its waters than any other lake in the World which could eventually have disastrous consequences. However, in case this energy source  safely tapped, it could subsequently generate enough electricity to power Rwanda for several hundred years!

Lake Kivu also known as one of the most scenic lakes in Rwanda boasting beautiful White Sand Beaches, breathtaking volcanic islands, terraced hills and also heavily populated fishing villages. This all gives Travelers on Rwanda safaris a Perfect feel of an African Beach Safari Holiday.

Furthermore, its town is well established with various hotels like; Lake Kivu Serena Hotel, Kivu Paradise Resort among others. The Lake’s proximity to the Volcanoes National Park makes it an ideal spot for a number of Tourists on Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safaris. Here are some of the top Adventurous activities to do in Lake Kivu.


Boat Cruise

A Boat Cruise on Lake Kivu is one of the most gratifying things to do while on Rwanda Safaris. Enjoy a delightful trip on the lake’s waters and also explore the several islands on this lake including; the Amahoro, also known as the bar island, the Napoleon Island and its big colony of fruit bats which you may meet after a short and reasonably easy trek. During the cruise, you will also enjoy spotting a variety of Aquatic birds including; the Egyptian goose, Yellow-billed duck, Spur-winged Goose, fish eagles among others. You should as well opt for an evening boat cruise, envision yourself sipping on a glass of wine as you watch the mind-blowing African Sunset.



For the bird Enthusiasts, Lake Kivu has also got you covered. While at the Lake Shores, expect to a variety of bird species such as; the African woodpecker, African kingfisher, Egyptian goose and Yellow-billed stork among others. Guided birding tours at Lake Kivu are also done during Nature walks in the forests’ surroundings and they will further treat you to views of pelicans, malachite kingfishers, Crowned Cranes, African fish eagles, hornbills, cormorants, herons and other Aquatic birds.


Hiking and Cycling

Lake Kivu  bordered by lush greenery and in the distance, mountains that offer the ideal scenery for Rwanda Hiking and Cycling Safaris. The Hiking and cycling paths which surround Lake Kivu are not as long, but they take you through thriving settlements along the Lake’s lovely shoreline. This makes them an excellent alternate way to explore the area.

A hike in Lake Kivu is the ideal morning activity on a bright day for a satisfying guided nature walk and a glimpse of the lake and its surroundings. This is also an opportunity to learn more about the history and lifestyle of the people around. Furthermore, the neighboring hills are ideal for cycling and exploring new paths, connecting with the locals and as well photographing the lake from every level. This which provides a more aerial perspective.


Cultural Tours

When on a Rwanda Safari in Lake Kivu, you may also visit the neighboring villages and get to interact with the local people as they showcase their boats, fly-fishing and other traditional activities. Also, visit Orphanages like the Imbabazi orphanage which was built to provide a home for children whose parents or guardians were brutally slaughtered during the 1994 Rwanda Genocide. Imbabazi Orphanage is very important to the people in this area and it has succeeded a lot in supporting the children and also contributing to their growth. You can also help by checking it out and potentially making a little donation.


Coffee Tours

Coffee Tours in Lake Kivu are Fun and Educational and it’s one of the Adventure activities you shouldn’t miss during your visit to the Lake. Rwanda a significant Coffee grower and exporter, therefore, coffee farms  found across the nation. Some of them include the districts surrounding Lake Kivu. While on these guided Coffee Tours, you will learn how to pick coffee from the plantations, wash, dry, roast and also grind it.  You will as well enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Rwanda coffee beans are considered the 2nd best in the World. After the Tour, you may also purchase a bag or two to take home with you and support Rwanda’s economic growth.


Swimming in Lake Kivu is the perfect way to unwind especially after a long day of Gorilla Trekking, chimpanzee trekking, game viewing or hiking safari. The Lake is free from crocodiles and other harmful creatures, hence making it perfect for swimming. Moreover, the Lake features a stunning landscape and numerous broad beaches that are suitable for swimming. In Addition to swimming, you may sunbathe while admiring the clear views of the Lake, a variety of birds soaring the skies and fishermen’s boats cruising on the waters. Meanwhile, there are bars on the Lake where you may have a drink as you enjoy the Lake.


Beach Relaxations

Lake Kivu boasts of several well-established beaches where one can relax and enjoy the sunset or read a book. The beaches have a variety of Hotels and hangout locations that provide Excellent views of Lake Kivu and its surroundings.