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How fit do you need to be for Uganda Gorilla Trekking?

How fit do you need to be for Uganda Gorilla Trekking?

How fit do you need to be for Uganda Gorilla Trekking?, Uganda’s major gorilla trekking destinations are impenetrable. And are also located far away from the Country’s capital, Kampala. In order to see Uganda’s mountain gorillas, you need to trek through dense rainforests. Which can be arduous to trek through. The trails  also rugged and steep and when it rains. It becomes abit challenging therefore, the sight of a porter’s arm reaching to help you up the difficult terrains can be very welcome during your gorilla safari.

It is very possible to manage a gorilla trek in Uganda similar to how its done in Rwanda only.  In case you are in a reasonable physical condition. There are rare cases where people have been unable to complete the Gorilla Trek.

After successfully booking your mountain gorilla trekking safari and especially after hearing about past experiences from those who have already undertaken the Adventure. You would wonder how fit you need to be for these once in a life time encounters. Whatever the case, relax and be at ease as the activity undertaken with the guidance of a trained Ranger guide. Who follows the pace of the slowest traveller while taking breathers.

How fit you need to be for Uganda Gorilla Trekking depends on a number of factors. And one of which is your fitness levels. This is because some gorilla families live in high altitude areas. Therefore trekked by youthful, energetic and very fit tourists.

Gorilla Families that occupy low altitude areas  allocated to the aged visitors and also those with low fitness levels. However, your fitness won’t deter you from meeting face to face. With these Gentle Giants going about their day to day routines. This is because the activity done based on the pace of the slowest traveler and there is also an option of hiring sedan chairs.

Regardless of how difficult mountain gorilla trekking is, advance planning can go a long way in simplifying your trekking adventure. Hence creating more memorable experiences. The trekking experience is undoubtedly challenging and requires some level of physical fitness.

For Travellers to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, it is important to note that among the 4 gorilla trekking sectors. The Rushaga sector offers the hardest treks, followed by Nkuringo, Ruhija then Buhoma sector.

In the process of booking your mountain gorilla trekking tour, physical fitness emphasized for intending Travelers. As a way of reducing the challenges that come along with long hiking hours through areas of high elevation. Therefore, there is an assurance of successful completion of trekking tours with minimal challenges for those visitors who are physically fit.

It should be noted that these endangered mountain gorillas live in densely forested and high altitude areas. Ranging from 2,500 – 4000 meters above sea level. The search for them can take up to 6 hours of hiking through the steep slopes, deep valleys and crossing mountain streams. To finally meet them in their natural environment. For this reason, trekkers usually advised to disclose their fitness levels during briefing. So as to be allocated a gorilla group that fits their levels of physical fitness.

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