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Morning game drive

Early morning game drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Morning game drive is one of the most exciting activities visitors look forward to during their safaris in Uganda and the entire east Africa. In Uganda, game drives apply to savannah national parks where wild games  easily sighted while on safari vehicles.

What to expect in Queen Elizabeth national park

What does a morning game drive feel like in Queen Elizabeth national park? This can be a question to those who have never been to this savannah park also known as mild of wonders. With almost 100 different mammal species, Queen Elizabeth National Park is an ideal spot for game viewing and thus the essence of morning game drive.

The best time is the early morning when the wild game is in action such as predators looking for food and the Prey runs for life. Therefore, you wake up very early in the morning to maximize your animal sightings. See lions, elephants, leopards, and many other animals, all in just a few hours.

Sighting the tree climbing lions on morning game drive

Uganda also known as a home to the tree climbing lions in Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park. There is a chance to sight these predictors in tree branches and it is a rare behavior in lions because there are only two populations of lions of the kind. One is in Ishasha sector of Uganda and another population is in Lake Manyara national park in the southern part of Tanzania.

Therefore, on your morning game drive, you can sight these lions as they relax after a successful hunting. On the other hand, these lions mostly sighted in the afternoon relaxing in the tree branches after eating their lunch and digesting.

Bird watching on a morning game drive

Queen Elizabeth is the most visited national park in Uganda and it is because of the diversity in this park. There are more than 600 bird species in this savannah and they come from all over the world. It is categorized as Important Birding Area (IBA) by Birding international. Some of the bird species to expect on Kazinga channel include; African skimmer, majestic fish eagle, the pelicans, kingfishers, African fish eagle and even the hard-to-find Shoebill stork one of the endangered bird species.

How to get to Queen Elizabeth National Park

There are many ways to access this most visited park in Uganda and the easiest way is by air. Flights are scheduled daily to Mweya or Kasese airstrips from Entebbe international airport or Kajansi airstrip operated by Aero link company in Uganda. The advantage of domestic flights is the amazing sight and overview of the park and the surrounding environments.

By road, you can also access Queen Elizabeth national park from Entebbe international airport and it takes about 6-7 hours on a smooth road. The advantages of road transfers in the amazing stopovers along the way. You can contact our tour consultant today for your best option of visiting Queen Elizabeth national park. You will know about he best time and offers that suit you.